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Company and Competence

Bay Marine is ranked as a  well-established ease marine service enterprise. We have been offering high-class workmanship to a budding customer base for concluded 12 years. We are opportunely located near the Swan River close to several bordering yacht clubs. Bay Marine is situated in the Royal Yacht Club in Perth. We have anew constructed headquarters and a 250m2 covert work shed. The facility involves 25 concrete hard stand-up bays plus the 32 tonnes on spot travel lift that can maintain most ships on the river. Yachts that outdo 5.1m beam may be lifted at the counterpart’s amenities.

Welcome Here

Feel welcomed at Bay Marine. A place that takes pride or offering the highest quality proactive and convenient services. We ensure our clients the cent percent gratification. We have expertise in a wider assortment of boat repairs and boat maintenance. The shipwright services and boat machines are catered here. In a list of service series, we proudly include hard standing and board lifting, application and antifoul removal, boat polishing, painting, and filling the details, customised timber work, boat conservation, and restoration plus all mechanical services of a boat.

Location and Services Feedback

We have our headquarters in Crawley and adjacent to the proximity to several yacht clubs in Fremantle and Perth region. Bay marine mechanic in perth offers exceptional services and personal extreme quality services to ensure the best terms with our customers. We own over 25 bays for hard standing boats, each possesses the water and power with 32 tone boat lifting capacity.

Maintenance and Services

As we are equipped with bays that are equipped for maintenance of boats. Other than our Fremantle counterparts, we undertake access to all the operational travel lifts in the Swan River of Perth. We stress the quality of the vessel from the point of lifting to the moment in return to the water. Once elevated, our high compression blaster removes the hardest barnacles and grime. Why not ace much of the antifoul facilities and bring your yacht or boat up for a mid-year blast or single lift?

Insurance Surveys and Repairs

Bay Marine is the authorised surveyor and repairer for Western Australia’s foremost marine insurers together with:

  • Club Maine
  • SGIO
  • Nautilus
  • QBE
  • Trident
  • Nautilus



Get in Touch

Contact the team for all the free surveys and repair. There is no obligation. You can find and get a quote before the services. We will give you the best idea of your issues. With the legacy of covering the maximum customers, we must build a benchmark. Our services are always up to mark and reliable. If your boats are in waters, they need a keen look for its maintenance. But wearer here to share your burden. You can get your inspection report after the complete survey.


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